Registration Terms and Conditions

Netball Ireland Registration Terms and Conditions

I subscribe to and undertake to further the Netball Ireland aims and objectives of association and to abide by its rules. I will act in line with the spirit of the sport and the association as a whole.

I will act in accordance with all Netball Ireland rules and regulations as set out with the Constitution, Bye-Laws and all relevant Netball Ireland policies.

I have read and understand the Netball Ireland League Rules and agree to abide by these rules at all times when playing in all Netball Ireland Leagues.


I hereby acknowledge that there are inherent risks in all physical activity, including netball, and assume and accept, on my own behalf and/or where relevant on behalf of the registered young person, all risk (including but not limited to personal injury and illness, exposure to communicable diseases, physical, mental, financial and damage to property) of and associated with being on the premises and/or using the property used by Netball Ireland and/or participating and/or allowing the registered young person to participate in the league competitions, international squads and activities offered by Netball Ireland.

I hereby release and indemnify Netball Ireland, its officers, employees, volunteers, instructors, members, agents and owners of any property upon which the activities of Netball Ireland may take place, from any claim arising from any injury or illness (including but not limited to any physical or mental injury or any exposure to and illness from communicable disease) or other loss I or the registered young person may suffer, whether as a result of negligence of any kind or any other cause and waive any and all rights to any legal action against Netball Ireland and/or the other individuals/entities identified above. This assumption of risk and release also binds my heirs, estate, executors, administrator, assigns, next of kin and anyone else who might claim or sue on my behalf.

I understand that Netball Ireland provides no initial medical examination and takes no responsibility for monitoring and assessing the health and physical condition of participants.

In the event I or the registered young person suffer an illness/injury or medical incident, I authorise and consent to the administration (or lack of administration) of any and all medical treatment/procedures deemed necessary or helpful by Netball Ireland, its officers, employees, volunteers, instructors, members and/or agents or any attending authorities. I understand that the person/entity providing that medical treatment does not assume any financial obligation or liability for or resulting from that treatment.

I agree to the taking of photographs of myself and/or the registered young person during any event hosted by Netball Ireland, including League matches, international squad sessions and external events in which Netball Ireland may participate. I give permission to the use of these images by Netball Ireland and any event partners/sponsors in the promotion of the sport and for all general purposes whatsoever and at any time, in relation to the activities of Netball Ireland.

Data Protection

I consent to Netball Ireland collecting, holding and using my personal data and the personal data of the registered young person for the purpose of my or the registered young person’s participation in Netball, for regulatory reasons, in relation to Sport Ireland governing body requirements and to provide me with information about Netball Ireland activity.

I explicitly consent to the processing of medical data relevant to me or the registered young person (where such information has been volunteered by me as relevant), for the purposes of administering the netball activities.

I have read the Netball Ireland privacy policy ( and give my consent for my personal data and/or the registered young person’s personal data to be used in line with this policy.

All registration fees are non-refundable.


I affirm that the registered young person has my consent to participate in the activities offered by Netball Ireland.

In the event of illness or injury, having parental responsibility, I give permission for treatment to be administered (or not administered) where considered necessary by Netball Ireland volunteers. If I cannot be contacted and the registered young person needs emergency treatment, I authorise a qualified medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment or medication.

I certify that I, as parent/guardian with legal responsibility for the Youth Player, have read and explained the provisions in these terms and conditions, including the waiver/release/indemnity, the risks of participation and their personal responsibility for adhering to all relevant Netball Ireland rules and regulations to the registered young player. Furthermore, the registered young player understands and accepts these risks and responsibilities.