Game Day Documents

Completing a score card

Before the game

The Team that starts the game with the first centre pass starts on EVENS. As the game starts at 0-0 the total of the score comes to an even number. Please put an in the box for the team that has the first center pass and a O in the box of the opponent.

During the game

The umpire will signal when a goal is scored with the correct hand signal (Arm straight up). Add a goal to the team that scored. When recording the scores please cross out the previous number of goals and write the next number, shown below:

The umpire may ask you who has the next centre pass. This can be worked out by adding the two scores together to find out if the total is an even or odd number. If the score is 6-4 the total comes to 10, so the team on EVEN centre passes takes the next centre pass. In the above example it would be the Red Team.

If the score is an ODD number when added together then it would be the team taking the ODD centre passes turn to take the centre pass.

End of the quarter

At the end of the quarter the team that started on EVENS now changes to ODDS and visa versa. EXCEPT- it does NOT change if a goal has just been scored at the end of the quarter and the next centre pass has not been taken before the quarter time whistle is blown.

A good way to remember this is- IF in play change the way.

Bring down the scores into the next quarter box and circle each score. For the example below the ball was in play during the last quarter.

End of the game

Have the umpires and team captains sign the score card

Don’t have a pen or paper? Use the score card app